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Deliveries are made through the main entrances of each building. There is a designated spot which is clearly marked near the entrance for each building.  If you are planning for a delivery that will be made outside of normal hours, please notify the Management Office ahead of time as the delivery personnel will not be allowed into the building without proper authorization.

Major or large items, such as construction materials, copiers or furniture, must be coordinated with the Management Office. Tenants are responsible for any damage caused by their delivery personnel. For this reason, we need your cooperation to coordinate all major deliveries with the Management Office.

Major Deliveries

Any deliveries requiring the use of the elevator for more than two trips, or which interfere with the flow of traffic through the elevators, must be arranged with the Management Office and scheduled during the times below:

To ensure availability of elevators usage for large or major deliveries, please reserve the elevator as early as possible. Please send us a note reserving the elevator, including the name of the delivery company. The delivery company’s certificate of insurance must be on file in the Management Office before scheduled delivery date.

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Deliveries: Property Info
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